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On 24 Aug 2011

Tech Notes, VMware

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In June 2011 VMware updated the secure key used for VMware Update Manager.  In order to prepare for this they made an update available well in advance, which would allow updates to continue.

However, if you need to reinstall an ESX from scratch, and your install method uses an older build, your rebuilt machine may be unable to update.  This is especially a problem for legacy ESXi environments, where you may be rebuilding using an old USB key image, which you’d need to go through the effort of recreating.  Chances are you’ll comes across this problem with the following error from the VI Client when you try to scan for updates or remediate…

VMware Update Manager had a failure

Further investigation will show something similar to the anonymised output below in your /var/log/vmware/esxupdate.log…

[2011-08-23 16:33:06] Checking depot integrity at :
[2011-08-23 16:33:06] Checking signatures of metadata for depot :
[2011-08-23 16:33:06] Checking signature of contents.xml...
[2011-08-23 16:33:06] Signature is invalid :Key expired
[2011-08-23 16:33:06] Signature checking failed on file :/tmp/esxupdate/esxupdate-24871-1314117176-ce9b48a2.tmp
[2011-08-23 16:33:06] Expected digest :139e0896271202b132430741d183fbb8f0472dba
[2011-08-23 16:33:06] Public key id :0BGA1C260F0B032CF5CD5D2ADE7D35B14789B916
[2011-08-23 16:33:06] Signature value :-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----
Hash: SHA1

sha1 gpg 139e0896271202b132430741d183fbb8f0472dba
Version: GnuPG v1.4.6 (GNU/Linux)


[2011-08-23 16:33:06] ERROR: Signature check failed.
[2011-08-23 16:33:06] Failed to verify depot integrity.

To resolve you need to install the patch package that includes the key update, and to do this you need to circumvent secure signature checking.  The generic command you need is…

ESX esxupdate -d <URL to Patch Depot> -N -b ESX350-201012410-BG update
ESXi esxupdate -d <URL to Patch Depot> -N -b ESXe350-201012401-I-BG update

Your <URL to Patch Depot> can be found in the esxupdate.log from the ESX your updates are failing on, so using the above as an example…

esxupdate -d -N -b ESXe350-201012401-I-BG update


Make sure your patch depot is up to date, otherwise the above may fail as your Update Manager won’t have the patch!


For further info see the following VMware KB’s


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