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On 2 Sep 2011

Tech Notes, VMware

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Came across an odd problem today, whereby nobody could use any of the deploy template options as they were all greyed out…

  • Clone…
  • Convert to Virtual Machine…
  • Deploy Virtual Machine from this Template…

We’re all admins with full rights over everything, so it wasn’t a permissioning issue (although I suspect it might be a permissioning bug).  The fix is to just re-add the Templates into the vCenter inventory (fuller details below if you don’t know how this is done).

If this doesn’t work for you then there’s another potential solution that I came across but didn’t actually try.  Which involves using PowerCLI to convert your templates into VM’s then back again (script below cam from

$templates = Get-Template *
foreach ($item in $templates){
    $template = $item.Name
    # Convert Template to VM
    Set-Template $template -ToVM -RunAsync
    # Convert Template back to template
    $vmview = Get-VM $template | Get-View

To re-add a Templates into the inventory…

  1. In the vCentre VMs and Templates view, locate the template in the left-hand pane and click on/highlight it
  2. In the right-hand pane, right-click over the datastore and Browse Datastore…
  3. Locate the folder for the Template, and the .vmtx file within (this is the equivalent of a VM’s .vmx file)
  4. Right-click over the Template in the left-hand vCenter pane, and select Remove from Inventory
  5. Right-click over the .vmtx file in the datastore and click Add to Inventory
  6. Complete the wizard as appropriate

1 Comment to “VM Template Deploy/Clone options greyed out”

  1. toto says:

    Thanks boy it saved me a few minutes 🙂

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