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On 7 Sep 2011


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The free open source (FOSS) version of Zimbra lacks the ability to push email (and calendar and contact) updates to your mobile device. In the Network Edition and Appliance versions this feature is known as Zimbra Mobile, which is an implementation of Microsoft’s Active-Sync protocol. You can have these features with the FOSS version, but you need to implement it yourself.

To do so you need three things…

  1. A pubic Apache web-server with good access to your Zimbra server
  2. Z-Push – provides Active-Sync front-end to your mobile devices
  3. Zimbra backend – interfaces with your Zimbra server

UPDATE:  I’ve now documented how get full HTML email sync working using Z-Push (plus I get the impression the below procedure doesn’t reliably work) – which I’ve documented on this vBlog and my vWiki

Core procedure is the same in both, but there’s a bit more explanation on the vBlog post, and the vWiki article includes setting up Z-Push over SSL.

These instructions assume that you already have a working Apache web server with PHP running on it, with which to run the Z-Push and Zimbra Backend PHP scripts.

How to get it up and running…

  1. Download the latest version from
  2. Extract the download
    • eg tar -zvf z-push-1.5.4-707.tar.gz
  3. Copy the software to your web root
    • cp -r z-push-1.5.4-707 /var/www/z-push
  4. Allow write access to the state folder
    • EG chgrp www-data /var/www/z-push/state
    • EG chmod g+w /var/www/z-push/state
  5. Edit config.php settings for
    1. Timezone (set to your local timezone)
      • EG date_default_timezone_set("Europe/London");
    2. Provisioning (security – needs to be relaxed for older mobile devices)
      • EG define('LOOSE_PROVISIONING', true);
    3. Backend provider
      • EG $BACKEND_PROVIDER = "BackendZimbra";
    4. and append the following Zimbra Backend settings
      • // ************************
      • // BackendZimbra settings
      • // ************************
      • define('ZIMBRA_URL', ''); //Please do not put a trailing forward slash at the end of the url
      • define('ZIMBRA_USER_DIR', 'zimbra');
      • define('ZIMBRA_SYNC_CONTACT_PICTURES', true);
      • define('ZIMBRA_VIRTUAL_CONTACTS',true);
      • define('ZIMBRA_VIRTUAL_APPOINTMENTS',true);
      • define('ZIMBRA_VIRTUAL_TASKS',true);
      • define('ZIMBRA_IGNORE_EMAILED_CONTACTS',true);
      • define('ZIMBRA_HTML',true);
      • define('ZIMBRA_ENFORCE_VALID_EMAIL',true);
      • define('ZIMBRA_SMART_FOLDERS',true);
      • define('ZIMBRA_DEBUG',true);
  6. Create file for debug to go to
    • touch /var/www/z-push/debug.txt
    • chmod 777 /var/www/z-push/debug.txt
  7. Install PHP cURL
    • apt-get install php5-curl
  8. Download z-RTF.php to the include directory
  9. Add an alias to the Apache site config (eg /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default)
    • /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync /var/www/z-push/index.php
    • <Directory /var/www/z-push>
    • AllowOverride All
    • </Directory>
  10. Create a .htaccess in root of z-push with the following entries
    • php_flag magic_quotes_gpc off
    • php_flag register_globals off
    • php_flag magic_quotes_runtime off
    • php_flag short_open_tag on
  11. Download the latest Zimbra Backend release from and untar to backend folder

All being well you should now be able to sync your mobile to you Zimbra server…!

6 Comments to “Z-Push (ActiveSync) for Zimbra FOSS”

  1. Vucomir Ianculov says:

    Thanks for the tutorial, it works very greate i have only one problem i can’t sent email from my my mobile phone.

    can you please help me with this.


  2. simonstrutt says:

    Not sure – I’ve not actually used this much since I set it up yet, and haven’t had the problem you describe. I’d recommend using the Zimbra forum thread (link above) to ask the question.


  3. […] back I played with getting ActiveSync working for my Zimbra server using Z-Push (see previous post here), which was OK, but due to the lack of HTML email sync support and the fact that it seemed likely […]

  4. javier pardo says:

    very nice article, when you said
    define(‘ZIMBRA_URL’, ‘’);
    what service is exactly of the zimbra??
    thanks for all

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