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On 27 Nov 2012



I wasn’t particularly waiting for the latest version of PowerShell to arrive.  Version 2 was doing me just fine, however by luck I happened to be playing with a .NET library that required .NET v4.  .NET 4 isn’t officially supported by PowerShell 2, you can force it, but it comes with a few caveats and cautions.  However, PowerShell 3 does support .NET 4, which meant all I had to do was upgrade PowerShell.

In my very limited time using PowerShell v3 there’s one thing that stands out: the Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE) has been vastly improved…

Back in the days when I did all my scripting in AutoIT, I used the bundled SciTE editor.  It came with language integration for AutoIT, which meant it felt like an extension of the scripting language.  Function names would auto-completion with tool-tips on their usage, variables would be learnt and then auto-complete, and, probably most importantly for larger scripts, it would keep track of where you were in braces.

PowerShell ISE v3

PowerShell v3 ISE

The hours I’ve lost trying to work out where I’ve made a typo or such mistake because of a missing } is depressing having struggled without it, and its a welcome relief that they’re a part of the PowerShell ISE now. Hopefully I should now find less need to search for bits of function syntax, and lost brackets. Cheers!

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