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Welcome to vBlog, a personal record of my techy tinkerings and particular ponderings.

I tend to focus on VMware virtualisation, and the interaction/automation of it using PowerCLI (VMware's PowerShell Snapin), but anything that I happen to stumble across that seems like it might be of use at a later date, may well get recorded here.

I also maintain vWiki, which was a predecessor to this blog. Wiki's are great for quickly recording snippets of info, but tend not to look that great; Blog's are better looking things, but seem to require more effort so that the posts/articles are accessible in their own right. As a result I tend to update both interchangeably as available time, and depth of thought, permit.

If you happen to find anything of use, or in need of correction please leave a comment. Knowing that my ramblings are of some use is a great reward; and similarly I'd hate to waste anybody's time by feeding them duff info.

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In June 2011 VMware updated the secure key used for VMware Update Manager.  In order to prepare for this they made an update available well in advance, which would allow updates to continue.

However, if you need to reinstall an ESX from scratch, and your install method uses an older build, your rebuilt machine may be unable to update.  This is especially a problem for legacy ESXi environments, where you may be rebuilding using an old USB key image, which you’d need to go through the effort of recreating.  Chances are you’ll comes across this problem with the following error from the VI Client when you try to scan for updates or remediate…

VMware Update Manager had a failure

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